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Rayza Carrasco
YDO Title
Artist in Residence
Leadership Staff Bio

Born in Lawrence, Rayza Carrasco has always had a strong affinity for community, entrepreneurship, and the arts. In her early years, she explored photography, the performing arts, modeling, and poetry. As her interests evolved, Ray apprenticed in classic and technical methods of printmaking (through Western Ave Press in Lowell, MA) and later studied fashion marketing and management in New York. She became increasingly interested in industrial design and began applying her abilities to work at the intersection of art and commerce.


As a young professional, Rayza has served as a lifestyle and marketing intern with various fashion e-commerce platforms, including Karmaloop and Looklive, and later as an executive assistant to Greg Selkoe, on his latest project, Wanderset, a new lifestyle, e-gaming and streetwear platform, now headquartered in Los Angeles. In 2014, her skills in digital marketing earned her a win in the Pensole School of Footwear Design’s LEAD competition with a presentation in brand marketing at M.I.T. Rayza's background apprenticing in the fine arts, enables her to continue to work on sculpture and the re-editions of artist prints for professors at area schools -- including UMass Lowell, Northern Essex Community College and Salem State, where she assists in her spare time. She rounds out her experience with freelance projects in graphic and web design.


Rayza enjoys sharing her passion for art and design with young people. At YDO, Ray serves as Artist-in-Residence, teaching techniques of mixed media disciplines and fashion design, with a specific focus on sustainability. She complements these courses with Think Green, which offers an opportunity for students to build a personal connection to sustainability while undertaking their own innovative projects in this area. At YDO partner organization, Youth CITIES, she supports the organization’s marketing efforts, while also mentoring middle and high school students as they learn about entrepreneurship.


Rayza is currently pursuing formal studies in art and design and, due to her love of textiles and interest in the fashion industry, anticipates creating her first fashion collection this year. Her ultimate goal is to become a working artist and entrepreneur who inspires the youth of her community in her work and through her example.