Student Work

Enjoy this collection of works, ranging from project photos and videos to artwork and testimonials!

YDO Summer

"YDO Summer gives kids the chance to learn something that they wouldn’t ever learn in their public school classrooms."

-Youssef B. (Denison Univ.)

Handmade Jewelry

Beautiful gifts for the holiday season, handmade by YDO Kids

DIY Ghost Decor

Fun, not-so-spooky, LED-candle-lit Halloween decorations

LKSR 2019

Two teams of students (Gr. 6-12) designed, built and raced human-powered, amphibious vehicles for the 2019 Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race. Pictured here is Pirates of the Merrimack team.

Quick Fob Fix

Once upon a time, Josh's fob broke off the keyring. 8th grader Victor, sprang into action: designing & 3D printing a fix within the hour.

YDO Pathways '19

"I am very thankful for all your help and support. You have made applying to college much easier than I would have expected."

-Rosmery M., ALA '19

Painting w/Adam

Isabella has been steadily improving her brushwork in Adam's advanced painting class on Thursdays.

Kinetic Sculpture

Two teams of students (Gr. 5-12) designed, built and raced human-powered, amphibious vehicles for the 2018 Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race. Pictured here is Squirtle Squad.

3D Printed Autos

Mya & Lynne 2017

At YDO's 2017 Holiday Piano Recital, Mya G. sang alongside our piano teacher, Lynne Wilby. The two presented a moving rendition of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.

The Note by: Josh & the YDO Kids

STEM Design 325

"Asked how the new hands-on STEM course at YDO compares to his other classes at Lawrence High: "I don't really consider this class. I like it too much.""

-Johnny T. (Gr. 11, LHS-ALA)

Desktop Organizer

Performing Project Delivers Aladdin, Jr.

Time-Lapse Video

A group of all-star middle schoolers planned & hosted YDO's Dance-A-Thon 2017 (7pm to 1am, 90's vs. 00's theme) and raised over $1000 to support YDO Summer.

MADI '17 Slideshow

New @Youth CITIES

"[The first session] went amazing. We were just settling in, but they gave us so much info on what we need to get a business started. I love it!"

-Uriel R. (Gr. 10, LHS-ALA)

Food Art

An example of fun artwork created in Adam & Anieda's Food Art program, using edible materials the kids can create, photograph & then eat!

STEM Laser Model

Students in grades 8-10 used SOLIDWORKS design software to create 3D-printable parts for a LASER Light Show.

Film Making '16

As a part of YDO Summer 2016, students in Film Making (led by Denise Mullings) wrote scripts, acted and filmed four short videos. This trailer for Wedding Gone Wrong was a huge hit at the End-of-Summer Exhibition on August 4th.

Summer '15 Video

Leah's Recital '15

Leah plays a duet with YDO's piano instructor, Ms. Lynne Wilby, and a pop song by Justin Bieber.

Duet Painting

Rube Goldberg '16

Months of work squeezed into this 1-minute video!! Check out YDO's Rube Goldberg Machine that was built to celebrate the launch of the 10th Annual Cambridge Science Festival.

PA Art Sculptures

STEM Party Lights

These handheld party lights were designed and manufactured by YDO Kids in the fall 2015 STEM Design Lab programs.

BK Fashion

In Fashion Design class, Chanelle created a top from Boston Globe comics and a skirt from Burger King french fry containers.

Collabo Mural '15

This "Night" mural was completed when 12 different art students collaborated to paint one panel each. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Skeeball Game

Anahi (Bruce, Gr 8) designed & built this coin-operated skeeball game for the Spring '15 Carnival Games course.

Autumn Image

Josephine's watercolor project with Olivia & the PA Art volunteers

Helium Airships

Axel talks India trip

Wall Mural '13

In YDO Summer's first year in the Everett Mill, the art students developed this beautiful mural to represent their summer experience. Students were mentored by Coral Sabino and Elizabeth Rennie. This mural marks YDO's entrance to this day.