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YDO Loses a Friend, Gains an Angel


The YDO Board of Directors, staff, and students express our deepest gratitude to Anita Rajan Worden for her commitment and contributions to the YDO community. Regrettably, we share that Anita passed…

Going to DI Globals


One of our middle school DI teams was born out of the partnership we enjoy with Esperanza Academy, an all-girls independent school in Lawrence. For the past two years, alongside our citywide programs,…

YDO Alumni Open Doors at Google


Every year, more incredible young people join the ranks of YDO alumni. They add to our network new experiences, new career pathways, and new companies and organizations to explore. In 2022, we were…

Back to Kinetic Sculpture Racing


Grounded for the past two years, our engineering students have not been able to participate in the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race. The team resurrected their sculpture from 2019 and made a number of…

Performing Project Returns in 2022


After being silenced by the pandemic for two years, our musical theatre program with the Performing Project came roaring back in 2022! With founder and director Maggie Budzyna now living and…

Scholarships for Young Men of Color


Based in Baltimore, Maryland, We Will All Rise is an organization providing academic scholarships and career mentoring support to young men of color. Founder and CEO Ricardo Neal was raised in Lawrence…