2018 Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race



YDO teams used bike parts, flotation devices, lumber, and water propulsion and steering systems as well as a lot of creativity and ingenuity at the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race on September 22nd. As part of the YDO STEM Summer program, these students, in grades 6-12, designed and built their own human-powered, amphibious vehicles/sculptures. The YDO teams–“Squirtle Squad” and “Neptune’s Whip”–were the youngest to ever participate in this annual event, and they competed against 10 all-adult teams.

Our YDO crews navigated cobblestone streets, a mud obstacle, a trip on the Merrimack River, and a sprint to the finish line. Squirtle Squad took second place and won the “Best Pit Crew” award. Although Neptune’s Whip met its demise in the mud pit, the team won the “Most Memorable Breakdown” award. Most importantly, all of the students successfully integrated learning across disciples as they tackled the most challenging STEM project YDO has ever developed. At the end of an exhausting day, our students, and the many YDO Kids, staff, and family who came to cheer them on, were exhilarated and proud … and already planning for next year!