A Covid-Free YDO Summer


Challenged with planning a safe, in-person YDO Summer, our young leaders, John Diaz (Soph, NECC) and Camille Lopez (Gr. 12, LHS-ALA), were able to limit the daily size of our program to 50% of capacity by adjusting the format to deliver two, separate 3-week sessions for ~75 students each. The staff size was held at 25 (down from 54 in 2019), and the team implemented precautions like masking, lunch pods, restricted class sizes, and limited field trips that prepared the program well to reduce potential exposure to Covid and facilitate contact tracing, if needed.

After the year of remote learning and social isolation, we could not be more proud of our kids for the program they designed and delivered for their younger peers. Yes, it was different. No, it was not easy, but it was special…and, we all came away with the biggest trophy imaginable: Zero Covid cases among students or staff for the whole summer!