Joshua Jacobo


Josh joined the YDO community in 2007, when, as a Lawrence 6th grader, he took his first STEM course, built a remote controlled submarine, and never looked back. Now, 11 years later, he balances his role as YDO’s associate director with his work towards a BA in Education at Merrimack College. 

Having grown up in our organization, Josh has been a student or teacher of an incredible range of YDO offerings. In middle school, he took courses such as Math Games, Oceanography, Squash, and Engineering. Josh was also a member of the first team of YDO students to participate in STEM programming through our partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he took classes like Probability/Statistics and Robotics. As a high school student at the Brooks School in North Andover, he remained connected to YDO, serving as a teaching assistant intern for three summers at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell’s Future Engineers Center. In that role, he worked with YDO Kids participating in some of the same kinds of STEM classes that he had completed few years before. In summer 2013, after graduating from high school cum laude, Josh joined the YDO Summer team, providing administrative support and teaching classes. Then, as a student at Northern Essex Community College, he continued to build his leadership skills with YDO, first as a teacher during the school year and then as co-director of YDO Summer for three years. 

As a leader in the YDO community, Josh represents the realization of our vision–to prepare Lawrence youth to engage with the world, equipped with a vision for their future and a network and resume to fuel success.