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STEM Design Lab

YDO is home to a hands-on science and engineering lab offering an array of opportunities for students to build valuable skillsets, design innovative projects, and become independent problem solvers.

Under the leadership of Doug Prime, YDO’s STEM Design Lab offers a range of project-based courses that, over time, help motivated students grow from first-time experimenter to self-directed innovator.

Seasonal courses include:

By participating in high-quality, hands-on STEM enrichment over a number of years, YDO students are advancing from first-time experimenters to self-directed innovators.

YDO’s STEM Design Lab was dedicated to Harvey S. Gelfand on March 24, 2015

STEM Design Summer

In July 2016, YDO launched a pilot program to provide students with advanced interest in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math an accelerated, hands-on experience to transform summertime learning and create a pathway leading to college success in STEM disciplines.

Participants in this accelerated program used three-dimensional, computer-aided-drafting software to design custom parts for their project; and learned to control an Arduino microcontroller using a computer programming language based on C/C++; and applied advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry as well as engineering design concepts to produce a custom Laser Light Show.

In just its pilot year, STEM Design Summer drew an incredibly talented cohort from the following schools:

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Student Work

Cornhole Board

London (CDCPS Gateways, Gr. 5) completed his Tools & Building project for Fall Term I. This yard game may be our most family-friendly project to date!

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