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YDO @Phillips Academy

YDO’s longest-standing partnership is a bridge between communities, perspectives, and generations.

For 15 weeks each year, YDO takes 50+ elementary school students onto campus at the nation’s oldest boarding school, Phillips Academy in Andover, where they engage in enrichment programs designed and delivered by PA’s talented high school students.

PA generously coordinates these programs through the Office of Community Engagement by accepting and vetting proposals from motivated students and recruiting volunteers to support and mentor the YDO Kids.

The partnership began in 2006 and continues to thrive today. In 2023-24, PA students are offering the following programs:

Destination Imagination 2015 – Regional Competition in Andover, MA

Student Work

Autumn Image

Josephine’s watercolor project with Olivia & the PA Art volunteers

Phillips Coordinators

Tiffany is the founding coordinator for the new YDO Speech & Debate program.

Tiffany C

PA Senior

After serving as a volunteer for YDO Writing, Justice tapped into another of her talents by bringing back YDO Dance.

Justice R

PA Senior

Rohan stepped up to become a coordinator for YDO Math in fall 2016.

Rohan L

PA Senior

After getting to know the YDO Kids as a volunteer, Madison took over leadership of YDO Writing for the 2016/17 school year.

Madison P

PA Senior