Leaders Hub

For students seeking to take their experiential learning and leadership to new and exciting levels, YDO is the place to go.

With a growing network of nonprofit and corporate partners, YDO provides connections to a variety of opportunities for our young leaders to gain access to mentorship, scholarship, internship, and entrepreneurship.

Leadership opportunities include:
  • Talent Projects with Aaron's Presents

  • Youth CITIES Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
  • High School Prep
  • Prep@Pingree
  • GovsPLUS
  • Staff Fellowships
  • SEGL Semester in Washington, D.C.
  • SEGL @ALA in South Africa
  • Internship Networking
  • Posse Scholarship Nominations
  • YDO Summer Staff


Kids Bake Sale

Aaron's Presents grantees planned, prepared & carried out a bake sale for Everybody Loves Science 2016