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Partial Eclipse from the Park


Just one day before the start of the LPS 2017/18 school year, on August 21st, a group of YDO students gathered at the O’Connell South Common to observe the solar eclipse that was captivating much…

End of Summer Exhibition 2017


YDO’S BIGGEST SUMMER EVER!! On Thursday, August 3rd the students and staff of YDO Summer 2017 welcomed friends and family to enjoy the presentation of projects and performances…

STEM Summer Tours NxStage Medical


This August, students in YDO’s STEM Design Summer had the privilege of touring one of Lawrence’s most successful companies. NxStage Medical, Inc., founded in 1998, is a medical device company…

Performing Project presents Aladdin, Jr.


YDO’s annual effort with Maggie Budzyna & the Performing Project continues to deliver one of the best musical theatre opportunities in Lawrence. This June, sixty (60) YDO students took…

Dance-a-Thon 2017


YDO MIDDLE SCHOOLERS BUY-IN This spring, a group of YDO middle schoolers took a big step forward with their planning and organizational skills.  The initiative was born out of a desire for YDO…

Parents-Only Paint Nite ’17


For Cinco de Mayo 2017, YDO hosted one of its favorite parent engagement activities – Parents-Only Paint Nite. YDO’s Fine Arts Fellow, Adam Hernandez, and his mother Michelle (also an incredibly…